Have the conversations that matter and create real inclusion in your organisation!

Join us as we share key insights into having strong dialogue about race and the role it can play in helping to create racial equity. This engaging and informative programme will leave you feeling confident, comfortable and ready to hold important conversations about race and systemic inequity. In this class we will:

  • Increase our understanding of race-related issues on a deeper basis and the impact in our organisation
  • Explore how to create space for dialogue about race with colleagues of all races and cultures and develop greater awareness of the importance of diversity and Inclusion
  • Identify how to talk more openly about systemic racism, address challenges and opportunities faced by colleagues
  • Understand the barriers to talking about racial inequity and ways to overcome these.


The programme will provide key tips and resources to help build your capability to support long term solutions for racial equity, contributing to a thriving, more inclusive working environment.

Whether you manage, lead or are part of a team, you will gain greater understanding of the key components of racial inequity, and how to practically play a part in the push against it.

The skills learned and knowledge gained can be applied in a variety of working scenarios such as:

  • Holding listening sessions and conversations with colleagues
  • 1-to-1 or team meetings with direct reports 
  • Ensuring Inclusion is a focus when discussing important business factors such as recruitment, retention and performance.