Create an inclusive and thriving working culture.

Join us as we explore the importance in fostering a culture of inclusion. This engaging and informative course will provide insights, resources and tools to ensure that your organisation is fully maximising the diverse skills, experience and capabilities of your team.

  • Recognise and leverage the different ideas and views within your team
  • Build belonging and benefit from the value belonging brings
  • Align individual goals and values with team values and identity
  • Increase cultural and contextual awareness to promote collaboration and partnering in changing and diverse working environments.

Whether you manage, lead or are part of a team, you will gain greater understanding of building true inclusion and ensuring stronger team performance.

The skills learned and knowledge gained can be applied in a variety of working scenarios such as:

  • Working in teams of different backgrounds, learning styles and experiences
  • Cross cultural, cross regional and matrix teams
  • Ensuring Inclusion is a focus when discussing important business factors such as recruitment, retention and performance.