Find the right tools to overcome bias

Join us as we provide keys to help in winning the battle against bias. Explore how biases impact our everyday choices and the way we do business and have access to the  tools to overcome this

This engaging and informative course will leave you feeling ready to tackle the bias prevalent in our working lives and confidently call out bias appropriately. In this programme we will:

  • Identify our bias triggers and the impact of these
  • Explore the steps needed in highlighting bias and overcoming it effectively
  • Identify ways to call out bias and create safe space for conversations around bias and it's impact
  • Highlight where we can create opportunities for greater inclusion through creating bias-free environments.

This programme will provide key tips and resources to help build your capability to support long term solutions to overcome bias, contributing to a thriving, more inclusive working environment.

Whether you manage, lead or are part of a team, you will gain greater awareness of how bias shows up and what to do about it.

This course is for all those who want to empower their teams and individuals to maximise their skills and abilities and bring their true selves to work.