An interactive and engaging online programme on diversity, equity and inclusion for all individuals and businesses.

At Inner Ambitions we pride ourselves on combining inspiration and motivation with practical learning tools and business fundamentals. We are passionate about developing people and supporting them in maximising their capabilities. We have created a series of engaging and informative e-learning courses that will leave you feeling confident, comfortable and ready to hold important conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. As well as, providing key tips and resources to help build your capability to support long term solutions for racial equity, contributing to a thriving, more inclusive working environment.

Whether you manage, lead or are part of a team, you will gain greater understanding of the key components of DEI, and how to practically play a part in the push against it.

 The skills learned and knowledge gained will result in a number of positive outcomes such as:

  • Increase in confidence, skills and resources to drive equity and build inclusion
  • Increase in cultural awareness, intelligence and competence across the organisation
  • Increase confidence in talking about diversity, equity and inclusion, speaking up and addressing exclusion, harassment and discrimination
  • Clear commitment of an informed and active workforce to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

72% of organisations claimed that e-learning gave them the competitive advantage they needed.

Why e-learning?


Enrolling on an e-learning course not only gives you the flexibility to learn but means you can learn at your own pace. It also means that not everyone has to learn at the same time. Everyone has their own busy schedules, so employees can access their learning when they have time, and when their energy levels and focus are maximised for retention.


Organisations with multiple teams, departments, and offices, geographically dispersed teams, or remote workers, can often struggle to connect employees through a standardised training program. With an e-learning programme, organisations can deliver the same content, in the same way, to all of their employees around the world. As well as, your outlays are drastically reduced, making it easier and cheaper to learn. All you need is a computer and a headset!


According an IBM Training study, a company gains $30 worth of productivity for every $1 spent on online learning. Being involved and committed to a training program improves employee retention, which also boosts productivity versus having to rehire and retrain people. With e-learning, companies are seeing added benefits not just in terms of return on investment but also for their employees when compared to traditional, in- person training. 


E-learning makes employees feel valued, especially if you offer professional development courses that can help them be promoted from within your company. Studies reveal that implementing e-learning could help boost employee engagement by up to 18% – resulting in lower employee turnover and better workplace morale.

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